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Johnny & the Rotten, Animal Machine, Mandaground

Saturday, October 1 at 20:00, 2022

Johnny & the Rotten AUT
Psych/Garage Rock
beschreibung : Imagine the Beach Boys having weird, dirty, sweaty sex with Sonic Youth and their baby turns out to be an angry punk that doesn‘t give a fuck about the dos and don’ts of how to behave as a band. Johnny & the RoCen are a breath of fresh air to the yet oddly diverse and giEed music scene of Linz, Austria and probably the rest of the world. Expect the unexpected at each one of their shows but most importantly expect to be blown away by a noisy wall of sound and an overly energeJc show that makes you wonder how only three dudes manage to deliver all of that. Formed 2019, the first LP "Down the Rabbit Hole" was released the following year by Nasoni Records (GER) & Burger Records (USA). When Burger shut down, the band signed to the Vienna based label StoneFree Records. In 2021 they kicked out a two song EP called "Foam Party“, in 2022 another one called"RoCen Salami" (a couple of one take jams together with Salamirecorder, recorded on tape). Finally the Jme has come for the 2nd album, which will be released by the end of September 2022! It's called "HERE IS JOHNNY II“


Animal Machine  AUT
Stoner Rock, Blues, Beat & Barber Shop
 // You hang on my lips, but I’ve got nothing to say //
Animal Machine sind zurück! Nach der Veröffentlichung des 2. Studioalbums „High Treason“ stehen sie 2022 - mit neuem Programm - endlich wieder auf der Bühne. Vieles ist neu, und vieles doch vertraut. Animal Machine können leise sein,
sind aber laut, und werfen mit mit Experimentierfreudigkeit sämtliche Genregrenzen über den Haufen. Stoner-esk, schräg, aber durchaus groovig und geradlinig.


Mandaground  AUT
Experimental Metal
bandbeschreibung : MANDAGROUND moves between progressive metal and sludge metal. A formation of fast and dreamy guitar, harsh- and melodic bass, paired with experimental drums! 

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