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Pound, Magma Rise

Sunday, July 10 at 20:00, 2022

 Pound USA
Mathcore, Grindcore, Sludge
Based in Seattle, WA, Pound is a two-piece, instrumental, heavy music project with an intense focus on rhythmic exploration, combining elements of dbeat, mathcore, grindcore and sludge into something new and unique.



Magma Rise HUN
Doom Metal
Magma rise was founded in June 2009 by members or former members of Hungarian underground band MOOD,(definitive doom metal band 1993-2001, released 4 albums played something like 400 gigs, also in support of Anathema, U.D.O.,Spirit Caravan, Crowbar etc...) Wall of sleep, (2001- released 4 albums,on Psychedoomelic Records and I Hate Records played, Doom shall rise festival/Germany in 2003,Stoned from the underground festival /Germany, supported bands like for example Darkest hour,Trouble, Mastodon, High on fire, and played 4 tours across Europe), Stereochrist (2002- released 2 albums on Firebox, Psychedoomelic Records , supported bands like Candlemass, Zeke, toured with Testament in Europe,) and Neck sprain (Hungarian 
undergroundheroes,released3albums, supportedbandslikeDeftones, Slayer, Meshuggah, Soulfly).The debut album “Lazy stream of steel” ( featuring KyleThomas/Exhorder/Floodgate/Alabama Thunderpussy/Trouble) has been released in March 2010 on Nail/ Psychedoomelic Records.The second album "The man in the maze" was the album of the month in the June issue of Hammerworld (Metal Hammer Hungary) magazine and voted for the “Album of the year” in 2013/Hungarian Metal Awards.In 2016 the band released a 5 songs EP called “False flag operation” featuring Brian Balich Penance/Argus (Pray for the dead-Trouble cover) In the year 2017 a long awaited co-operation had been realized with the former Corrosion of conformity singer Karl Agell.A 2 songs EP “At the edge of the days” with a brandnew track and with the cover of the classic Black Sabbath song “A national acrobat” (featuring Karl Agell) came out in “10 vinyl and in CD format. Even the biggest rock/metal magazines (Rock Hard, Legacy, Deaf forever, Visions) observed appreciatively.Their new album „To Earth to Ashes to Dust” will be released on 12.3.2021. on H-Music Hungary/Daredevil Records.

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