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Karkara / Daishi

Tuesday, June 28 at 20:00, 2022

Karkara (FRA)

Oriental Psych Fuzz
A deafening echo that suddenly speaks out of the dust, conveying all the desolation of an endless landscape up to the sky.
A journey for those who like exotic rock to sound viscerally loud, raw and high gained. To blow up the speakers for good. Fuzzed guitar and Buzzing didgeridoo locked with a sped up drums and cranked bass sound that makes you feel like you are riding a spacecraft at full speed between the dunes. Created in 2017 in Toulouse, France, the threesome takes it's inspiration among different rock genre, from the sweet middle eastern psychedelic rock to the raw shattering sounds of garage fuzz and german krautrock.
Even going so far as to use their favorite atypical instrument - the didgeridoo - the three members of KARKARA, like desert wizards, take pleasure in pushing further the boundaries of the genre and take their audience into a mystical and indomitable world.


Daishi (AT)

Beyond Stoner

Since the year 2004 four toxic old men try to ruin Rock ’n ’Roll...


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