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Six-Score / Harrowist

Sunday, October 17 at 19:00, 2021

Six-Score (Grindcore/Crust)
SIX-SCORE isn’t a typical Grindcore band. They are playing a brutal while catchy, self-invented genre with different influences from everything in between HC-Punk, Death-Black-Doom-Metal, political oldschool Grindcore and stuff like Blues, Grunge or Pop-Punk. The guys are DIY musicians with all their heart, while being experienced and professional at the same time. In February 2020 the band has released a 7” split vinyl with CONVULSIONS from Spain. Gigs and festivals are already confirmed for 2020. See you there to smash capitalism together. Grindcore is protest!
Harrowist (Hardcore Punk)
Hardcore Punk aus Graz, zum Leben erweckt von vier Musikern, die gemeinsam die Leidenschaft für Klänge der härteren Gangart teilen und die zuweilen wütend und verständnislos auf die Taten unserer Spezies blicken.

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