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The Vampyres / Little Hole Filled

Monday, November 1 at 19:30, 2021

The Vampyres offer heavy & dark psych rock for the children of the night. The sound of the group produces a hypnotic trip taking the audience on an uninterrupted journey through the whole set.
The band’s debut LP „Out
of the Crypt” was released on StoneFree Records on Halloween 2019.
Founded in 1996 in the deepest woods of Austria. We have played a lot of shows all over the Mühlviertel in the early years. Stopped playing live due to living in different parts of Austria, but never stopped rehearsing and writing songs. After experimenting with recording several demos, our first official demo “Far Beyond The Horizon Of The Sun” was finally released in 2015. Played some shows. Wrote more songs. Now we recorded and released our first album “And The Ants Still March On” in October 2020!A physical version on vinyl is currently in the making and will be released via Konkord Records in March 2021

E-Ticket Rockhouse, Salzburg, Monday, November 1 at 19:30, 2021 12,00€ (+commission) Buy e-ticket