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Tuesday, September 7 at 19:00, 2021

is a german Doom band formed in late 2015. Eremit is playing slow, massive and gnarly Doom enriched with filthy elements of other extreme metal genres. Their music is telling a continuous story of a lonesome hermit trapped on an seemingly endless ocean. Each song represents a single chapter of this evolving dystopian storyline. In 2018 Eremit signed with Transcending Obscurity Records to release their debut record Carrier of Weight which was released on the 25th of February 2019. In July 2020 Eremit released a two-track EP called Desert of Ghouls. Their fanbase in this scene gets massive and massive. All people who love bands like SLEEP, SUNN O)), AHAB, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS and traditional Doom stuff, gets their copies. We´s underground, but all last shows they played were -sold out- few weeks before the shows start. People drive 300,400 km to see them live & loud on stage. In 2021 Eremit will release their sophomore full length Record "Bearer of many Names" again via Transcending Obscurity Records. Eremit played shows with Bands like Conan, Spectral Voice, Ahab, Iron Walrus, Sanitys Dawn, Ultha or Toner Low and performed at Festivals like the Black Forest Fest, Swamp Fest Berlin, Droneburg Festival or the Fall of Man. 

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