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PnkRckr Collective presents: A Punk Rock Saturday

Saturday, August 4 at 16:00, 2018

Summer is in full swing! And apart from sunshine and ice cream, what’s equally important? Punk rock and cold beer of course! The first weekend of August, the Rock House Bar will be overtaken by a horde of international, shredding acts that we can guarantee will melt your face off! To help with your inevitable caloric deficit we've also called upon our friends at Vleischpflanzerl and their vegan food truck to join the feast!

Wether you're too lazy to make your way to Brakrock or Extreme Fest this year, just need a good pre-party before heading down to Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, or simply looking for any kind of excuse to get off the couch, this will be the place to be!

BLIND MAN DEATH STARE (Melbourne, Australia)

All the way from Australia come’s one of the countries’ hardest working DIY punk rock band. Self managed/funded & promoted. Raising the middle finger to the corporate fascist elite everyday. Anti sexist. Anti racist. Anti state. Pro Equality. Pro BDSM. Pro party. Let’s go!

STRAIGHTLINE (Munich, Germany)

This German power house of a band has toured almost every single continent across the globe by now. Starting out back in the late 90’s their sound has evolved to become an eloquent balance between American hardcore, melodic punk rock sprinkled with a thick layer of thrash metal. Sounds like fun? It definitely is!

LINEOUT (Milan, Italy)

Yet another band with melodic punk as well as thrash metal influences is this quartet from Italy. Since their incarnation in 2012 they’ve relentlessly toured both Europe and North America, sharing the stage with seminal bands in the genre like Millencolin, Lagwagon and Strung Out. Their latest album Blast In Turbigo was release in April of 2017.

REBUKE (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Starting out back in 2003, these Swede’s have been at it for over a decade and a half. Taking influence from the SoCal punk scene, Rebuke challenge their influences by interjecting metal elements into their fast-paced punk. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, they keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, yet catchy enough to sing along to!

ONE HIDDEN FRAME (Lappeenranta, Finland)

Born in 2002, raised by 90's skatepunk and Propagandhi. Shaken and stirred with melancholy and Finnish awkwardness. Fifth full length out in 2017 at Bird Attack Records. Tight and handsome as fuck.

DEADENDS (Graz, Austria)

Deadends are from Graz and have no clue how to properly answer the question: “so, what you’re doing?”. There’s a lot of Punkrock, some melody, rough voices as well as soft ones, occasionally both. Sometimes fast, now and then slow, but always with loads of emotions that form their distinctive, passionate sound. Sounding somewhere between The Lawrence Arms, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and A Wilhelm Scream, Deadends circle around life, love and all of the rest!

SNARESET (Graz, Austria)

Snareset are four friends from Greven, Germany who can't imagine anything better to do than sitting in a smelly van, driving to youthcenters, clubs or festivals to play Punkrock shows. Preferably every weekend. And every day of the week!

HOLIDAY'S REFUSED (Vienna, Austria)

Holiday’s Refused was formed in 2013 as a side-project of 2 well known Viennese Bands. Their basic priorities shifted from being a "party-cover" band to writing own songs and playing various shows. Mixing Skate- and Pop Punk they fire up every location. Their first EP "Work Case Scenario" was released on i March of 2016!

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