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L'Ira Del Baccano & Daishi

Saturday, November 17 at 19:30, 2018

L'Ira Del Baccano:
The project, originally formed as LOOSIN’o’FREQUENCIES (which released a mcd produced by Doom Guru Paul Chain) was born from Alessandro”Drughito” Santori and Roberto Malerba. In 2006 they decided to turn the band into an instrumental act and call it L’IRA DEL BACCANO.
The band melt doom influences such as Black Sabbath with the 60’s/70’s psychedelia of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, the heavy-prog vibes of bands like Rush, as well as the performing freedom and attitude of jam bands such as Grateful Dead.The resulting long tracks are in constant evolution and movement during every live concert. In summer 2008 the band released it’s first album – “Si non sedes is…Live”, 56 minutes of live performance in concert. They decided to let the album be available as a free download from their official site and many positive reviews appeared. During the following two years they played many gigs in Italy, sharing stages with bands like Nebula, Witchcraft, Doomraiser, Vibravoid and La Ira de Dios,Samsara Blues Experiment...


Stoner Rock, Doom, 90's Rock/Metal, a little Pop music and the search goes on in Daishi's sound. Daishi always was and will be open to any kind of strange experiment. As long as the music keeps on being heavy with big riffs, breakups to shiny melodies and back to giant walls of sound. To please the audience and to disturb them and never let them feel save.

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