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Weedpecker , Major Kong , Bongthrower

Sunday, June 3 at 19:00, 2018

M.W.A proudly present

Psychedelic Stoner Doom

Weedpecker was born in Warsaw circa 2012, when the Dobry bros. (Wyro and Bandos) decided to match their dreamy psychedelic rock tunes with some stoner heavy grungy riffing…soon joined Pan Falon as drummer who plays also for ultraslow doomers Belzebong.

Major Kong
Instrumental Stoner Doom

Major Kong was born in late 2010 in Lublin, Poland. From the beginning they were a non-vocal trio. Just riffs and heaviness exploding from the guitar, bass, drums, loud amps and large cabinets.

Stoner Doom/Sludge

There is no info about this band...but we think they are some stoners from Tübingen Germany. And we hope they do not seriously throw bongs because it would make no sense.
What we know is...its the music we want to hear! This guys are blasin' you will see.

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